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89LOWPendingIncorrect print-content-optimize keyword stringsDec 14, 2019
 Michael Sweet: The keyword strings for print-content-optimize should be the singular 'graphic' and 'text-and-graphic' …
90UNKNUnconfirmedImport section 11.3.1 from PWG 5100.11-2010Apr 28, 2020
 Smith Kennedy: The "job-hold-until-time" attribute was moved from 5100.11-2010 to 5100.7-2019. When that move was performed, …
91UNKNUnconfirmedAdd 'job-spooling' and 'job-streaming' to "job-state-reasons"Apr 28, 2020
 Smith Kennedy: When "job-spooling-supported" was moved from 5100.11-2010 to 5100.7-2019, the 'job-spooling' and 'job-streaming' …