Jeremy Leber (Chair)

Jeremy is a senior firmware engineer and the product owner for connectivity firmware at Lexmark International. Jeremy began his career at Lexmark in 1996 as a test engineer focused on parallel, serial, and USB ports, and later joined the engineering team that would deliver Lexmark’s first multi-function printers. Currently, Jeremy owns Lexmark’s connectivity firmware mission, including support for and certification of industry protocol standards, and has represented Lexmark in the PWG since 2012. Jeremy has also been a member of the technical and certification working groups with the Mopria Alliance.

Smith Kennedy (Vice-Chair)

Smith has worked at HP Inc. (and Hewlett-Packard Company) since 1999, leading or contributing to many different software initiatives related to printer or peripheral software, protocol standards, and working with industry partners. Smith has been PWG Chair since 2015 and represented HP Inc. in the PWG since 2011. Smith has also participated in standards development in the Bluetooth SIG, NFC Forum, USB Implementor's Forum, and Wi-Fi Alliance. Smith was the co-author of the USB-IF's IPP USB standard and the NFC Forum's Device Information RTD, Verb RTD, and Connection Handover v1.4 specifications. He has edited and contributed to many recent PWG specifications and white papers.

Ira McDonald (Secretary)

Ira has represented Xerox, Sharp, and Samsung as a participant in the the PWG and as co-editor of Printer MIB v2, Internet Printing Protocol, Power Management Model, and other projects since 1995. Ira is co-chair of the PWG IPP Working Group and is the other IANA designated expert for IPP and the Printer MIB. Since 1974, Ira has designed and implemented network software for AMTRAK, Olympia Brewing, Perkin-Elmer, ARINC, Plantronics, IBM, DEC, and the printing industry. At Samsung Advanced Printing Systems Lab, Ira designed management interfaces, SNMP test tools, and Cloud solutions. Ira currently represents his consulting firm, High North Inc.

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