PWG Semantic Model

A collection of PWG standards and XML schema that enable interoperability and translation between different Job Ticket formats and printing systems.

Building an Abstract Data Model

The PWG Semantic Model is an abstract data model based on the Internet Printing Protocol and defined using XML schema. IPP attributes map directly to Semantic Model elements, enabling easy machine translation using Extensible Stylesheet Language Translation (XSLT) files.

Mapping Between Data Models

Using the abstract data model, the PWG has defined mappings from common Job Ticket formats to the Semantic Model. The most mature of these mappings is from the CIP4 Job Definition Format (JDF).

Modeling All Imaging Services

The PWG Semantic Model also defines abstract scan, fax, copy, resource, and system services that are used in a modern multifunction/all-in-one printer. This enables workflow between services as well as high-level management and access control policies using Extensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML).