The Printer Working Group

Our members include printer and multi-function device manufacturers, print server developers, operating system providers, print management application developers, and industry experts. We make printers, multi-function devices, and the applications and operating systems supporting them work together better.

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The PWG Last Call of the Job Accounting with IPP v1.0 Best Practice document is now underway and ends November 6, 2020.

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3D Printing

The PWG has defined an IPP extension for 3D printing using standard file formats and an associated XML print job ticket format.

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IPP Everywhere™

Print to any network or USB printer without using special software from the manufacturer.

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PWG Semantic Model

Support multiple network protocols and job ticket formats using our abstract model.

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PWG Standards define all of the common network protocols used by your printer.

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PWG August 2020 Face-to-Face Meeting - Summary Aug 25, 2020

The PWG held its August 2020 Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting on August 18-20, 2020 via Zoom teleconferences. Representatives from Canon, Canonical, Google, High North, HP Inc., Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lakeside Robotics, Lexmark, Qualcomm, Ricoh, TIC, TCS and Xerox attended the meetings, among others. Attendees reviewed work in progress, including drafts of a number of in-progress specifications, and discussed liaisons with partner groups. Here is a summary of the proceedings.


IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group (PWG) Announces Updated Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) Extensions to Support Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing and a Specification for Safe G-Code that Avoids 3D Printing Commands with Safety or Security concerns Jul 17, 2020

The IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group (PWG) has released IPP 3D Printing Extensions v1.1 (PWG 5100.21-2019) and PWG Safe G-Code Subset for 3D Printing v1.0 Best Practices (PWG 5199.7-2019). These documents build on previously defined extensions to the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) Internet Standard (IETF STD92) that combine existing high-level 3D file formats with the IPP network printing protocol and Job Ticket formats to describe the printer‘s capabilities, the objects to print, and the status of submitted jobs to better and more portably produce physical objects with additive manufacturing devices, also known as 3D printers.


IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group (PWG) and Mopria® Alliance Renew Liaison Agreement to Advance Standards for Simplified, Driverless Printing Jun 22, 2020

The IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group (PWG) and the Mopria® Alliance have renewed their collaboration. The two groups have been working together since 2017 to develop and promote standards for full-featured printing that do not require drivers or added software.


PWG Approved: IPP Everywhere™ Printer Self-Certification Manual v1.1 (SELFCERT) Jun 9, 2020

Candidate Standard 5100.20-2020: IPP Everywhere™ Printer Self-Certification Manual v1.1 (SELFCERT) has been approved. This document defines IPP Everywhere™ v1.1 Printer self-certification test procedures and the process required for PWG Members to register the test results on the PWG web site in order to use the “IPP Everywhere™” logo.


PWG Approved: IPP Everywhere™ v1.1 Jun 9, 2020

Candidate Standard 5100.14-2020: IPP Everywhere™ v1.1 has been approved. This specification defines an IPP profile that supports network printing without vendor-specific driver software, including the transport, various discovery protocols, and standard document formats.


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