The Printer Working Group

Our members include printer and multi-function device manufacturers, print server developers, operating system providers, print management application developers, and industry experts. We make printers, multi-function devices, and the applications and operating systems supporting them work together better.

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The PWG Call for Objections of the iPP Job Extensions v2.1 (JOBEXT) has begun.

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The PWG Formal Vote of the IPP Production Printing Extensions v2.0 (PPX) specification is currently underway.

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3D Printing

The PWG has defined an IPP extension for 3D printing using standard file formats and an associated XML print job ticket format.

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IPP Everywhere™

Print to any network or USB printer without using special software from the manufacturer.

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PWG Semantic Model

Support multiple network protocols and job ticket formats using our abstract model.

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PWG Standards define all of the common network protocols used by your printer.

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PWG Last Call: IPP Driver Replacement Extensions v2.0 (NODRIVER) (concluded) Nov 5, 2022

The PWG Last Call of the IPP Driver Replacement Extensions v2.0 (NODRIVER) is now underway.


PWG Last Call: IPP Production Printing Extensions v2.0 (PPX) (concluded) Nov 5, 2022

The PWG Last Call of the IPP Production Printing Extensions v2.0 (PPX) is underway.


PWG August 2022 Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting - Summary Sep 8, 2022

The PWG held its August 2022 Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting on August 16-18, 2022 via Webex teleconference. Representatives from Canon, Google, High North, HP Inc., Konica Minolta, Kyocera Document Solutions, Lakeside Robotics, Lexmark, Microsoft, Okidata, Qualcomm, Ricoh, TCS, and TIC attended the meetings, among others. Attendees reviewed work in progress, including drafts of a number of in-progress specifications, and discussed liaisons with partner groups. Here is a summary of the proceedings.


IPP WG Approved: IPP Everywhere™ Printer Self-Certification Tools v1.1 Update 4 Sep 2, 2022

Version 1.1 update 4 of the IPP Everywhere™ Printer Self-Certification Tools are now available for download from the self-certification portal at:

Direct links to the tools are as follows:

This release fixes all known issues in the v1.1 tools and have been tested by myself and three other PWG members. Changes include:

  • Added support for running the self-certification tools non-interactively with the “make test” command (Issue #5656, Issue #6262)
  • The `ippevesubmit` program did not validate the correct number of tests for the document results (Issue #7171)
  • The DNS-SD TLS key test was incorrectly specified (Issue #7272)
  • The `ippevesubmit` program now validates and converts product web page URLs (Issue #7575)
  • The IPP and document tests now support printers that do not support US letter or ISO A4 sizes (Issue #7878)
  • The `ipptool` program can now generate PWG Raster documents dynamically for printers (Issue #7979)
  • The `ippevesubmit` program now uses the modification date of the plist files instead of the current date when generating the JSON submission file (Issue #8181)
  • The `ippfind` program did not correctly escape command-line arguments passed during the DNS-SD tests (Issue #8383)
  • The `ippevesubmit` program did not look for supported media sizes in the right place (Issue #8484)
  • Added the test numbers to all print job tests (Issue #8585)
  • Changed the I-20 prompt to insert media (Issue #8888)
  • Added 300 second timeout for all IPP and document tests (Issue #9191, Issue #9292)
  • Fixed handling of long dimension values of 0 for roll media (Issue #9393, Issue #9494)
  • Fixed the conditional requirements for “printer-supply-xxx” attributes with printers that do not have supplies.
  • Fixed some problems with the Windows DNS-SD test script.
  • Fixed the expected test counts in ippevesubmit and removed support for submitting IPP Everywhere v1.0 results.
  • Fixed the “media-col-database” and “media-col-ready” tests to allow rangeOfInteger values for the “x-dimension” and “y-dimension” member attributes which are needed for roll feed and custom media support.
  • Fixed another issue with reporting finishing options from `ippevesubmit`.
  • Fixed the media size name regular expressions to allow “.” in the name portion.

Please use the updated tools for all new submissions.



PWG Approved: IPP Finishings v3.0 (FIN) Jul 8, 2022

Candidate Standard 5100.20-2020: IPP Everywhere™ Printer Self-Certification Manual v1.1 (SELFCERT) has been approved. This document defines IPP Everywhere™ v1.1 Printer self-certification test procedures and the process required for PWG Members to register the test results on the PWG web site in order to use the “IPP Everywhere™” logo.


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