Imaging Device Security Workgroup


The Imaging Device Security (IDS) workgroup is chartered to establish and provide liaisons with public standards bodies concerning security topics, standards, and protection profiles for Hardcopy Devices.


Chair: Alan Sukert
Vice-Chair: Vacant
Secretary: Alan Sukert

How to Participate

Bi-weekly conference calls are held on Thursdays at 3pm US Eastern time. Announcements are made to the PWG IDS WG mailing list .

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Archives: Meeting Minutes · IDS List Archive

Standards-Track Drafts

None currently.

White Paper/Tech Brief/Best Practice Drafts

PWG Hardcopy Device Security Guidelines v1.0 (HCDSEC): Clean · Redlined (Stable Draft - Last Updated February 8, 2022)

Historical Drafts

Most recent draft IDS Model and Requirements
Most recent draft IDS Authentication and Authorization
Most recent draft HCD-TNC binding specification
December 2007 BOF Presentation