Face-to-Face Meetings

Past Meetings

2024 Meetings

Dates Location
August 6-8 Virtual
Venue Info + Agenda
November 12-14 Virtual

2025 Meetings

Dates Location
February 4-6 Virtual
May 6-8 Virtual? Lexington? Sunnyvale? Toronto? Maui?
August 12-14 Virtual
November 11-13 Virtual

All dates should be considered "tentative" until an official announcement for the event has been posted to the "pwg-announce@pwg.org" mailing list. Until officially announced and a final count of attendees has been made, members should abstain from making travel arrangements, as the dates may need to be changed or the PWG may elect to virtualize the Face-to-Face event, running the meetings entirely over a WebEx teleconference.

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