PWG 5199.1-2004: PWG IPP Fax Project: IPP Fax Requirements Feb 4, 2004

This document captures the requirements for IPP Fax, both the transport and the document format. This document assumes that the reader is familiar with IPP 1.1.

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PWG 5199.2-2004: PWG Print Service Interface (PSI) Requirements Feb 12, 2004

The Print Service Interface is the set of interfaces and methods that enable a Client such as a Printer, a Mobile Device, Web Portal, or a service to set up and invoke a print job from a Print Service. The Print Service may be used to resolve and access the information to be printed.

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PWG 5199.3-2004: PWG Best Practices for Use of the RepertoireSupported Element Feb 1, 2004

In traditional printing environments, clients rely on font downloads when they are not sure a given character is embedded in the printer. As printing moves to small clients, downloading may not be an option and clients have a need to know what characters are available in a given device.

There are many published named character repertoires, and a small client will not know about them all. [RS] describes the syntax and semantics for the Semantic Model element “RepertoireSupported”. The current document describes Best Practices for the use of that element, in order to maximize interoperability between client devices and printers.

The reader of this document should be familiar with the terminology and concepts in [RS].

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PWG 5199.4-2010: PWG Multifunction Device Service Model Requirements Sep 1, 2010

The Multifunction Device Service Model represents an abstraction of the characteristics, capabilities, and interfaces of each of the imaging services potentially provided by a Multifunction Device (MFD), as they are accessible to an outside client. The effort to model these services as a group and the associated effort in representing these models in a MFD Semantic Model is intended to highlight the commonality in the elements of these services while preserving the distinct functions of each service. The ultimate objective is to exploit the commonality to provide a consistent interface to services that have evolved in different environments and under different circumstances, but now are typically executed in the same device and used in the same environment.

This document provides the rationale and summarizes the requirements for the modeling activity.

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PWG 5199.5-2017: PWG 3D Print Job Ticket and Associated Capabilities v1.0 (PJT3D) Aug 18, 2017

This document describes the PWG Semantic Model Print3D service schema for embedded Job Tickets. The schema is based on the IPP 3D Printing Extensions v1.0 (3D) and suitable for data exchange and embedding within common 3D file formats such as 3MF and 3D PDF documents so that user intent is preserved regardless of the transport or workflow used.

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PWG 5199.6-2017: Mapping CIP4 JDF to PWG Print Job Ticket v1.0 (JDFMAP) Aug 28, 2017

For interoperability between job ticket-based printing systems, this Best Practices document defines a recommended mapping from XML objects and attributes in the CIP4 Job Definition Format [CIP4JDF] to XML elements in the PWG Print Job Ticket and Associated Capabilities [PWG5108.7].

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PWG 5199.7-2019: PWG Safe G-Code Subset for 3D Printing v1.0 Jun 4, 2019

This Best Practice document defines a “safe” subset of G-code for use in 3D printing with IPP along with the capabilities and parameters needed to allow a client to generate G-code compatible with the printer.

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PWG 5199.10-2019: IPP Authentication Methods (IPPAUTH) Aug 16, 2019

This Best Practice document provides implementation guidance on how to best integrate various authentication mechanisms used over IPP‘s HTTP and HTTPS transports into IPP protocol exchanges when printer access or print feature policy requires authorization.

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PWG 5199.11-2021: Job Accounting with IPP v1.0 Feb 5, 2021

This document discusses how to perform different kinds of job accounting with IPP and how to address privacy and consent issues associated with accounting information.

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