Issue #113: Section 5.5.32 "media-col-database": Clarify that rangeOfInteger values are allowed for "media-size" members

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May 31, 2022 by Smith Kennedy
Oct 5, 2022 by Michael Sweet
Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
PWG 5100.7-2019: IPP Job Extensions v2.0 (JOBEXT)
Section 5.5.32 "media-col-database": Clarify that rangeOfInteger values are allowed for "media-size" members

Michael Sweet Oct 5, 2022

No, sending a y-dimension of 0 isn't allowed, and Clients are expected to know the size of the output they are producing (no explicit support for "logging" devices)

Smith Kennedy Oct 5, 2022

Could it also be legitimate for a Client to submit " = 0" for cases where the Client knows the desired width ("x-dimension") but doesn't know how much media will be consumed? Or how should the Client do that? Or is it on the Client to parse the document and provide a concrete "y-dimension"?

Michael Sweet Jul 27, 2022

Separate discussion with Canon reminded me of sections 5.1 and 5.1.3 of PWG 5101.1 which call for reporting a y-dimension value of 0 when the maximum length is unbounded or unknown. Thus, for media-col-ready, media-size should allow for a range of 0:MAX while for media-col-database and media-col the range for y-dimension must be 1:MAX.

Smith Kennedy Jul 7, 2022

As per the reflector discussion, the conclusion was to normalize all member definitions of "x-dimension" and "y-dimension" for "media-size" and "media-size-supported" to use limits of 1:MAX instead of 0:MAX:

Smith Kennedy Jun 17, 2022

When responding to a query from a colleague, we noticed that the syntax for "media-size" members has a lower bound of 0 but "media-size-supported" has a lower bound of 1. These should be normalized or the definition of one or the other should explain why the lower bounds differ.

Smith Kennedy May 31, 2022

The "media-size-supported" Printer Description attribute (section 5.5.46) allows either "integer" or "rangeOfInteger" value syntax. But as defined currently, "media-col-database" and "media-col-ready" use the definition of "media-size" from, which only supports the "integer" syntax. It was suggested that the reader should understand that the syntax types supported by "media-size-supported" are understood to also be supported in "media-size" in "media-col-database" and "media-col-ready", but that wasn't clearly called out in 5.5.46 in either the prose or in the examples. Some other universal print solutions overtly state and list examples showing rangeOfInteger as being a supported syntax for "media-size" in "media-col-database" and "media-col-ready".

Update section 5.5.46 with a paragraph stating that "rangeOfInteger" is supported for the members of "media-size", and also update the example at the bottom of page 43 with a collection illustrating a custom media size that uses rangeOfInteger syntax.

(The tests in IPP Everywhere Self-Certification 1.1 Update 4 already include tests that allow rangeOfInteger syntax.)