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May 22, 2022 by Michael Sweet
Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
PWG 5100.7-2019: IPP Job Extensions v2.0 (JOBEXT)
Missing model section, description of "media-col"

Michael Sweet May 22, 2022

The current specification is missing a model section which could then explain the semantics of the "media-col" attribute vs. "media", how custom/roll sizes are handled, etc.

Specific clarifications:

- How does a Printer report support for custom sizes?
- How does a Printer report support for roll sizes?
- What is the relationship between "media-supported" and "media-ready" to "media-col-database", "media-col-ready", and "media-xxx-supported" (for the various member attributes)

Add examples for printers with custom size support and roll feed support.