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IdPriorityStatusSummaryLast Updated
27LOWPendingChinese 8k and 16k localized named are swapped.Apr 28, 2023
 Michael Sweet: Applied in MSN 2.1 draft
62MODPendingPlease add approved Media names from CanonApr 28, 2023
 Michael Sweet: Added to MSN 2.1
76MODPendingSection 6: "media-coating" attribute is not registered in IANA IPP RegistryApr 28, 2023
 Michael Sweet: Updated to show "media-back-coating" and "media-front-coating".
105MODPendingSection 5.1.2: size-name isn't a rule in the ABNFApr 28, 2023
 Michael Sweet: Fixed in MSN 2.1.
106MODPendingSection 5.1.5: Restore statements about redundant sizes from MSN1Apr 28, 2023
 Michael Sweet: MSN 2.1
115MODPendingMedia size typosApr 28, 2023
 Michael Sweet: MSN 2.1