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27LOWUnconfirmedChinese 8k and 16k localized named are swapped.Apr 6, 2015
 Michael Sweet: The localized names for om_pa-kai_267x389mm and om_dai-pa-kai_275x395mm are swapped; om_dai-pa-kai_275x395mm …
62UNKNUnconfirmedPlease add approved Media names from CanonJul 27, 2017
 Rick Yardumian: These names were approved by the PWG and registered with IANA. Please add them to the 5101.1: PWG Media …
76UNKNUnconfirmedSection 6: "media-coating" attribute is not registered in IANA IPP RegistryDec 6, 2018
 Michael Sweet: I think this is a typo. The intent is to have this apply to media-front-coating and media-back-coating …