Issue #115: Media size typos

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Oct 19, 2022 by Zdenek Dohnal
Apr 28, 2023 by Michael Sweet
Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
PWG 5101.1-2013: PWG Media Standardized Names 2.0 (MSN2)
Media size typos
Michael Sweet

Michael Sweet Apr 28, 2023

MSN 2.1

Michael Sweet Oct 19, 2022

For #1, the correct size is 130x180mm (roughly 5x7, in size and aspect ratio), so the localized name is incorrect.

For #2, the missing "mm" on the end is a typo and unintentional.

Zdenek Dohnal Oct 19, 2022


I've found two possible typos in the standard:

1) 'om_medium-photo_130x180mm' has a localized name '120x180mm' on page 26 (IIUC the localized name is based on short dimension x long dimension values from self-describing name)

2) self-describing name 'om_large-photo_200x300' is missing 'mm' for dimension - this probably is not typo, because the name was carried from the older PWG5101.1-2002, but 'mm' should be there if we follow the logic of previous entries...

Would you mind looking into it whether the differences are intentional or are they really typos?

Thank you in advance!

Zdenek Dohnal