PWG> San Antonio UP3i notes

PWG> San Antonio UP3i notes

Harry Lewis harryl at
Fri Dec 3 14:25:50 EST 2004

Here are the notes I took from the UP3i Finisher review in San Antonio. If 
anyone present has anything to add or correct, please do so. Then we can 
share these with UP3i and get feedback. 
1. Regarding UP3i request for “install date” – what is it for? Firmware 
flash? Consider using hrSWInstalledDate. 

2. Populate element in the hrDevice table for the Finisher.

3. Serial number – this can be added to finGeneral group.

4. Device Name, Device Vendor Name, Device Model, Device S/N are all in 
attribute table already in the Fin MIB. Review for applicability. 
a. If new attributes are needed quickly, consider requesting IANA extend 
the list of Fin MIB attributes rather than waiting for the counter MIB to 

5. Verification level – subunit status? If not adequate… tell us what you 

6. We will entertain new finisher alerts wherever they are not already 
covered (what finisher specific alerts is UP3i looking for?)
a. Enums to IANA maintained MIB
b. No IETF involvement

7. Add new Fin device types, unwinder etc. per requested.

8. Warning condition – we think most or all of this is described by the 
generic subunit status. Many alert codes have a fixed “critical” or 
“warning” association.  Some alerts are never critical (like paper low). 
UP3i should review and comment. 

9. Time units are in seconds throughout in all our counters time units. It 
is usually part of the name. 

10. MIB-II sysUpTime can be used for power-on time but this is not in 
seconds. We don’t have power-on time for a service nor are we modeling 
these (so far). These may be attributes that we add to the Fin MIB, Fin 
attribute table OR put in the PWG counter MIB/schema so any subunit 
anywhere can use it. Prefer counter MIB. 

11. We don’t have any existing counter with the semantics “run-time since 
first installation”. We need the UP3i to elaborate so we know we get this 
addition right. 
a. Is it calendar time since first installation?

12. Is NumberOfOperations a request for a generic counter unit (finisher 
operations) which is applied to each finishing subunit? What if a stapler 
is stapling in two positions? How many operations have occurred? Are you 
basically counting “kerchunks”? Counting 2 staples in one operation would 
be contrary to how we count in the counter MIB today (so far). 

13. Number of operations since consumable replacement. We would need to 
add this. Is this a resettable counter? That may introduce difficulty.

14. Note: Counters associated with a Service are for billing. Counters 
associated with a subunit are for maintenance, replenishment etc. 
a. Finisher Printer MIB subunit. So we assume you are concerned with 
device level counters, not services. Is this correct? 

15. Ops since power on… reasonable, we need to add.

16. Op unit. Op size – OK, need to add.

17. Diameter in mm. We need to consider as unit. Please explain use. 

18. Time and Ops groups – We will eval w.r.t. current counter MIB.

19. Load group. Foreign to us. We would need to consider “loads” and how 
they relate to other aspects of printing systems. Is this inherently roll 
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems
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