PWG> Re: An Idea of Internet Printing to PWG

PWG> Re: An Idea of Internet Printing to PWG

Harry Lewis harryl at
Tue Nov 23 13:55:52 EST 2004

Dear Ms. Ling, 

Thank you for your note and for bringing your topic to the PWG for 

The best way to introduce a new topic, like this, to the PWG is to express 
your idea to the standards community via our general topics e-mail 
reflector (pwg at I have posted your document at 
and copied on this response to you so that your idea may get 
broader exposure. 

The next step in determining whether or not to move forward in developing 
this as a standard in the PWG would be to hold a "Birds Of a Feather" 
(BOF) where you can present your idea in more detail and people who share 
common interest may meet and discuss the pro's and con's of 
standardization. Our next face to face meeting will be held in Camus, WA, 
U.S.A (near Portland OR). the week of January 10, 2005. There is still 
time for us to plan to accommodate this BOF. 
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems

"suling at" <suling at> 
11/23/2004 04:38 AM

Harry Lewis/Boulder/IBM at IBMUS

An Idea of Internet Printing to PWG

Dear Mr. Harry Lewis, Chairman of PWG

We view PWG website and know that you are the chairman
of PWG. So could we seek your help for introducing an
idea of Internet printing to PWG?

We do not work in printer industry, however we come
across a clear idea of using network printers to print
documents on the Internet without the needs of
personal computers. We think that this idea will make
good network printing, and benefit human beings.

In the idea, we introduce the concept of print number
system. A print number is a number (e.g. 8899,0001)
that represent the URL of a document. The print number
system is a server?s service that translates print
numbers into URLs for all (Internet) printers. To
print a document, (1) the user enters a print number
in the keypad of a network printer or MFP; (2) the
printer sends the print number to the print number
system server; (3) the server translates the print
number into the URL of a document, and returns the URL
to the printer; (4) according to the URL, the printer
retrieves the document over Internet, and prints out
the document.

After reading your documents of IPP and PSI carefully,
we know that your PWG is the right place to develop
the idea. Now we respectfully attach a document of the
idea and use cases in the email. Could you kindly
instruct us how to appropriately publish the attached
document in your website, and to have primary
technical comments to make decision whether or not the
idea deserves to develop into standards?

Thank you for your help. We look forward to you reply.

Yours truly,

Ms Su Ling

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