PWG> Additional process issues

PWG> Additional process issues

Harry Lewis harryl at
Wed Mar 3 13:04:55 EST 2004

Before our PWG Process document conference call, tomorrow (10AM PST, 1PM 
EST) I would like to surface three new topics which have recently come up.

1. Use and adaptability of PWG schemas in commercial products. 

    In the past, we have produced mainly specification or best practices 
type documents which retain the PWG copyright. These standards 
specifications are used as reference in developing commercial products but 
the documents are not, themselves, directly incorporated into a product. 
With XML schemas (and MIBs for that matter) the copyrighted material may 
be incorporated directly within a product and/or may be extended to obtain 
derivative works. I know it is our intention that MIBs and PWG schema be 
used, freely, in this manner... but do we need to make this more explicit 
in our process documentation or within the schema themselves?

2. Inclusion of a separate Semantic Model section within the PWG Process 

    It might be more effective if we remove the (newly added) SM chapter 
to a separate document. As important as SM is to PWG, it dilutes the 
overall process document to highlight one specific effort separately. 
Also, in breaking it out, we can do a better job of addressing other SM 
topics such as limits to dynamic access and copyright. 

3. Common handling of PWG schema. 

    As the Semantic Model and its associated schema become widely adopted 
and leveraged by other standards organizations, we need a formal mechanism 
for managing our schema through the development phase and into some final 
durable form and location. We need to respond to this quickly to support 
the FSG Japan group and their use of our WBMM (Printer MIB derived) 
schema. The process needs to address not only schema development and 
directory structure but also schema validation and verification. 
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems
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