PWG> Media Names Spec Discussion

PWG> Media Names Spec Discussion

RonBergman at RonBergman at
Wed Apr 11 16:32:46 EDT 2001

We have been getting complaints regarding the multiple
postings regarding this subject.  Some members only see
a single message (such as myself) and others see all.
So I am requesting that all future messages on this
subject be sent only to the ipp mail list.

Also, there have been several requests for new names to
be added to the document without any real definition of
the name.  (For example, requesting the name "foobar"
with the definition "this is a foobar type", is not
adequate.)  If you would like me to add a definition,
I will guarantee that it will not be what you expect.
So, please provide a definition or no further consideration will be given to the request.

    Ron Bergman
    Hitachi Koki Imaging Solutions

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