PWG> Question about Localization

PWG> Question about Localization

PWG> Question about Localization

Ray Casterline RayCasterline at
Mon Apr 9 17:31:04 EDT 2001


	I had some questions with regards to localization
	specifically for PServer, RPrinter and LPD.

	The questions are as follows:
		Character set/encoding supported?
		Character set identification?
		Character set negotiation?
		Character Transformation encoding?

	Specifically in regards to:
		Path name,
		User name,
		Domain name,
		Host name,
		Queue name,
		Printer name,
		Print server name,
		Repository name

	Does anyone know of any RFC's or other documents that
	I can get access to that would help me resolve these

	Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Best Regards,
Ray Casterline
Principle				Lighthouse Solutions, LLC
716.218.9910 - voice			2604 Elmwood Ave., #346
716.218.9913 - fax			Rochester, NY   14618

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