[Pwg-Announce] Last Call - MFD Service Model Requirements

[Pwg-Announce] Last Call - MFD Service Model Requirements

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This is a reminder that the MFD Service Model Requirements document is in PWG last call, and that this last call nominally expires next week. Although this is a requirements document rather than a specification, failure to satisfy the PWG process on this document will act to stall progress on the multiple MFD Service specifications now being worked on. We sincerely request that members provide comments on this document or, if there are no comments, a simple statement that the document has been read. 

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The MFD Working Group 

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This is an announcement to begin the Last Call process for the "Multifunction Device Service Model Requirements" statement. This document is a "clear statement of requirements for the standard to be produced" and is required by the PWG Process (ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/general/pwg-process-30.pdf) in conjunction with generating a standard. There will be, in fact, some ten MFD Service Model standards. Two of these have had the requirements statements incorporated in the standard and have already been advanced to PWG Candidate Standard. The MFD Working Group has decided that an integrated requirements statement would not only be more efficient, but would best reflect the consistent approach to modeling the different MFD imaging and ancillary services. The Last Call will close on Friday July 9. 

Please review this document, accessible at ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/mfd/wd/wd-mfdreq10-20100609 and provide your comments (or statement of no comments) to the MFD mail list (mfd at pwg.org). As identified in the PWG Process Document, the "requirements statement is important as it leads to a clear, common understanding of the goals, provides a guide for developing the standard, and can be used as a final test to measure the completeness of the resulting specification." All comments will be addressed and resolved prior to the statement being put up for ballot. Note that PWG approval of this requirements statement is required before the remaining MFD specifications can be approved. 


Bill Wagner/Peter Zehler 

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