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Sun Aug 12 20:10:30 EDT 2007

To PWG Members: 

Although the area of interest of the WIMS working group continues to be web based management of imaging equipment, the specific projects and activities of the working group have evolved so that the PWG Steering Committee requested that an updated charter be drafted.  Because this is an update to the charter of an existing working group rather than a charter for a new group, the PWG Steering Committee has ruled that the revised charter not need to go though a formal approval cycle by the PWG as a whole, but that the PWG membership should be notified of the update and allowed to present objections. This email constitutes that notification. 
The draft of the updated charter is accessible at:

The Call for Objections will remain open until the PWG Plenary meeting on 27 September 2007, at which time any received objections will be addressed. 
Please respond to wims at with any questions, objections or comments, not to pwg-announce at 

Thank You. 

Bill Wagner 
Co-Chairman, WIMS WG PWG 
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