PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG Secretary Position -- Officer Nominations and Election

PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG Secretary Position -- Officer Nominations and Election

Farrell, Lee Lee.Farrell at
Thu Aug 9 12:56:08 EDT 2007

In anticipation of the current Secretary *not* planning to continue in
this position for the next term, I strongly urge the PWG members to
consider nominating themselves for candidacy.

We have an opening for this important Office, and need volunteer(s).

Lee Farrell
Canon Development Americas
15975 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92618-3731
(949) 932-3163 - voice
(949) 932-3520 - fax
lee.farrell at

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PWG Officers present  2-year term will complete in August. By our
process, the PWG is obliged to hold nominations and complete Officer
elections by September. Newly elected Officers will be "installed" at
the PWG Plenary during the Montreal f2f on September 27. 

As Chairman of the PWG, I hereby open nominations for the 2008/2009 two
year term (beginning Sept 07) for the following PWG Officers: 

Vice Chairman

Serving as a PWG Officer is a great way to show your company's
leadership in guiding and developing open standards for our industry and
to demonstrate commitment to your customer in pursuing solutions that
suite their best interest. 

The nomination process will proceed as follows: 

1. Feel free to nominate yourself for any (or all) positions. 
2. Nominate another party after discussing with them 3. Indicate your
nomination openly to "pwg-announce" or privately to Chair, Vice Chair
and/or Secretary if you feel more comfortable 4. Accept a nomination
openly or privately (with the understanding that your nomination will
ultimately be broadcast in the final list of candidates). 

Nominations are open immediately and will run until Thursday Aug 23 at
5PM Eastern at which time nominations will be closed. The PWG Secretary
will keep an official tally of all nominations.   

Elections will begin Monday Aug 27 and will last for a period of 22
calendar days... thus closing on Monday Sept 17 at 5PM Eastern... appx 1
week prior to the Montreal Plenary. 

Harry Lewis
Chairman - PWG

	Harry Lewis
Program Manager - Intellectual Property & Standards
Phone: 303-924-5337
e-mail: harryl at <>  

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