[IPP] LDAP Printer Schema (2 October 2011)

[IPP] LDAP Printer Schema (2 October 2011)

[IPP] LDAP Printer Schema (2 October 2011)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 02:05:18 UTC 2011


Pat Fleming - we'll review this first I-D this Tuesday afternoon at the IPP
session during our PWG face-to-face meeting - until we've reviewed the spec
and finalized the set of new attributes, new IBM subtree OIDs should not be
assigned to the new attributes - see IPP agenda and slides at meeting page:


I've just posted a first Internet-Draft of LDAP Schema for Printer Services

 - plaintext Internet-Draft format (warning - contains explicit formfeed

 - line numbered PDF of plaintext - use this version for review, please

This document has already been accepted and posted to the IETF I-D

This document was created by revising the original LDAP Schema for Printer
Services [RFC3712].

This version adds new IPP directory attributes proposed in Table 1 of
section 4.1
Printer Description Attributes Used in Discovery in the latest draft of PWG
Everywhere 1.0 at:



- Ira

Change History

   2 October 2011 - draft-mcdonald-ldap-printer-schema-00.txt
   - Initial version - for IEEE-ISTO PWG IPP Everywhere project
   - Revised document to add current I-D individual submission
   - Revised Abstract and section 1 Introduction, to cite [PWG5107.2]
   and [IPPJPS3] new attribute sources.
   - Revised section 3.2 printerAbstract, to add new attributes from
   [PWG5107.2] and [IPPJPS3].
   - Revised section 3.5, to add new attributes from [IPPJPS3].
   - Revised section 4 Definition of Attribute Types, to add new
   attributes from [PWG5107.2] and [IPPJPS3] to table and later specific
   - Revised section 7.2 Registration of Attribute Types, to add new
   attributes from [PWG5107.2] and [IPPJPS3] - new OIDs needed.
   - Revised section 10 References, to update out-of-date references.

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