[IPP] More Discussion on bi-level, mono-chrome and color

[IPP] More Discussion on bi-level, mono-chrome and color

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Mon Apr 18 18:38:52 UTC 2011

Can we change the required on mono to optional and bi-level be required.


Bi-level           required for any printer

Color               required is color printer

Mono              1 toner - optional 

Mono              >2 toners - optional

And the other is the table are optional


Basically mono is a dithering of a single-color to produce an output
from saturation to white.  But dithering is a fancy thresholding
(bi-level); so there is no need to actually specify it as required or
optional since it will be encompassed by the printer type (b/w or
color).  For the case where a user wants single toner mono-chrome, it is
should be a capability of the printer that is support that function and
not be mandated that all printers must support it.   In other words it
may be a requirement of the user but not a support capability of a
printer.  That can be said about many printing functionalities. 

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