IPP Everywhere™ Frequently Asked Questions

IPP Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPP Everywhere™?

IPP Everywhere™ is an exciting version of IPP that makes it possible to print to network printers without special software. You can find out more on the IPP Everywhere™ technology page.

What Computers Support IPP Everywhere™?

Any computer running CUPS 1.5 or later supports IPP Everywhere™. For now that basically means all major Linux distributions, Open Solaris, *BSD, and macOS.

What Mobile Devices Support IPP Everywhere™?

Mobile devices running Android 4.4 and later come with native support for IPP Everywhere™. Prior versions of Android are supported using an installable application.

What Printers Support IPP Everywhere™?

The IPP Everywhere™ Self-Certified Printers page lists printers that have been registered on the PWG web site.

What About USB Printers?

The USB-IF developed the IPP USB Specification which allows printers to support IPP Everywhere™ over USB. Printers supporting IPP USB have been available since late 2013.

What About Wi-Fi Direct?

The Wi-Fi Alliance has developed a Wi-Fi Direct Printing specification, based in large part upon IPP Everywhere™.

What About Scanning, Facsimile, Etc?

The PWG IPP workgroup has developed specifications for scanning and facsimile, and is currently developing a specification for managing the whole printer. These will be combined with IPP Everywhere™ to create an updated IPP Everywhere™ specification to support accessing all of the services of a multifunction printer without special software.

Where Can I Learn More About IPP Everywhere™?

The current specifications, mailing list, and archives for IPP Everywhere™ are available on the PWG IPP workgroup page.