Issue #6: Error in printer-output-tray ABNF

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Sep 13, 2014 by Michael Sweet
Jul 10, 2019 by Smith Kennedy
Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
PWG 5100.13-2012: IPP Job and Printer Extensions - Set 3 (JPS3)
Error in printer-output-tray ABNF
Smith Kennedy

Smith Kennedy Jul 10, 2019

Resolved in

Also created a new ABNF draft:

Smith Kennedy Jul 8, 2019

Also need to update the ABNF file:

Smith Kennedy Jul 8, 2019

moved output-page-delivery and output-stacking-order  from output-opt to output-req

Michael Sweet Sep 13, 2014

error in ABNF for printer-output-tray (stacking order and page delivery should be in required list)