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Nov 3, 2020 by Smith Kennedy
Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
PWG 5100.14-2020: IPP Everywhere™ v1.1
Add definition requiring support for accepting a resource path of "/" to provide "printer-uri-supported"

Smith Kennedy Nov 3, 2020

There is a colloquial technique some printers support to allow a Client to acquire the Printer's default resource path, where the Client submits a Get-Printer-Attributes request to the resource path "/" to get the Printer's "printer-uri-supported" to discover its actual resource path, which might not be "/ipp/print". But this isn't codified anywhere in a PWG specification.

Add to IPP Everywhere™ 2.0 that the Printer MUST support Get-Printer-Attributes at a resource path of "/" to support default Printer resource path discovery.