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41MODUnconfirmedSection 5.9: Fix example of "job-constraints-supported" to properly show "1setOf…Jul 11, 2016
 Smith Kennedy: The example in section 5.9 shows this:

71MODUnconfirmedSection 8.2 "HTTP/1.1 Expect Header" : Update guidance for handing a 5xx respons…Jun 8, 2018
 Smith Kennedy: In Section 8.2 "HTTP/1.1 Expect Header" the guidance for handling a 5xx response status code is currently …
44UNKNUnconfirmedAdd description of difference between "printer-resolution" vs. a document format…Jul 25, 2016
 Smith Kennedy: Provide a description of the difference between "printer-resolution" | "printer-resolution-supported" …
52UNKNUnconfirmedAttribute name "ipp-attribute-fidelity" not wrapped in double-quotesNov 4, 2016
 Smith Kennedy: Page 59, first paragraph, last sentence:

...equivalent to including the ipp-attribute-fidelity attribute …
57UNKNUnconfirmedAdd section describing IPP interaction with different HTTP authentication system…Apr 14, 2017
 Smith Kennedy: It would be useful to have sequence diagrams and other descriptions of the user and client interactions …
66UNKNUnconfirmedAdd discussion of responsible power management behaviorNov 9, 2017
 Smith Kennedy: Querying all discovered printers via IPP presented in a discovery dialog can negatively impact the power …
103UNKNUnconfirmedIncorporate the old pages, impressions, and sheets content from 5100.13-2012Dec 17, 2020
 Smith Kennedy: PWG 5100.13-2012 included a section 10 "Relationship of Impressions, Pages, and Sheets". Since RFC 8011 …