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53LOWPendingDefinition and registration of operation attributes missingFeb 1, 2017
 Michael Sweet: While section 5.5 defines the Fetch-Document operation with two new operation attributes ("compression-accepted" …
78LOWPending"output-device-uuid-supported" Printer Description attribute not listed in Table…Jan 2, 2024
 Michael Sweet: Added.
77MODPendingUUID used for registering Output Device with Infrastructure Printer not discusse…Jan 2, 2024
 Michael Sweet: There are privacy issues with any UUID since they uniquely identifies something. :)

Anyways, I will clarify …
79MODPendingPDF Table of Contents bookmarks are missingJan 2, 2024
 Michael Sweet: Will do so.
93MODPendingSection 15.1 [PWG5109.1] HTTP reference link is incorrectJan 2, 2024
 Michael Sweet: Done
108MODPendingMisspelling of multiple-operation-time-out-xxxApr 7, 2021
 Michael Sweet: Table 7 on page 39, multiple-operation-time-out and multiple-operation-time-out-action are misspelled …
109MODPendingINFRA doesn't talk about Release PrintingJan 3, 2024
 Michael Sweet: Added a figure and discussion of how Acknowledge-Job releases a held job.
127HIGHPendingResolve potential conflicts between INFRA and EPX that involve "job-state"Jan 2, 2024
 Michael Sweet: So I'm decoupling 'job-fetchable' from 'document-fetchable', and Acknowledge-Job will release a held Job …