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10MODUnconfirmedOrder of jobs for new which-jobs values?Jul 8, 2019
 Michael Sweet: Oops, this should have been in JPS2...
17UNKNUnconfirmedDefine hash algorithm for 'sha'Sep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: The 'sha' value for "job-password-encryption" was never defined. It should refer to the SHA-1 hash algorithm.
43UNKNUnconfirmedAdd attributes from "IPP Job Password Repertoire" whitepaper to this standardJul 22, 2016
 Smith Kennedy: The "IPP Job Password Repertoire" whitepaper (http://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/wd/wp-job-password-repertoire-20160101.pdf) …
72UNKNUnconfirmedPage 40: “save-job-disposition” should be "job-save-disposition”Aug 15, 2018
 Smith Kennedy: On page 40, the third paragraph of includes this:

Note: the copy of the Saved Job will be saved …