[SM3] Update of SM2

[SM3] Update of SM2

wamwagner at comcast.net wamwagner at comcast.net
Sat Apr 23 19:07:22 UTC 2016

A major objective at Wednesday’s Semantic Model meeting is to gat a good handle on updating and finalizing SM2. It was decided to start with SM V2.905, (a browseable version is at http://www.pwg.org/sm/schemas/Rev2.905/system.html). It is believed that the last update concerned with adding elements developed in the IPP WG was done in 2012.   To provide a starting point for considering updates, I have extracted the IANA IPP registry element into an Excel sheet and posted it at ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/sm3/white/IANA registry.xlsx . The various pages of this file are formatted in order of the reference, with elements that appeared before December 2012 shaded, with it being assumed that they have been addressed. Element related to IPP Infra are also shaded (in orange), since it is undecided whether they should be included in SM2.  

The intent is to view elements and element values identified later that 12/2012 to see if they should be added to the model. Because of the different naming conventions used in IPP and the Semantic Model, this may not be easy; not the least problem is that face that the IPP “printer” can refer to the SM System, Service or Print Service specifically. But I suggest it is a staring point, and perhaps other can suggest a better approach.

Since we are staring with the latest SM model, certain elements related to cloud imaging must be removed. However, the browsable model does not yet include the operations (WSDL) which were the elements primarily affected by the consideration of Cloud. It is unclear whether the WSDL has been updated, and perhaps the V1.185 browseable  Operations (http://www.pwg.org/mfd/navigate/PwgSmRev1-185_ServiceOperations.html#Link66B) proper represents the current WSDL.
Bill Wagner

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