[SM3] Posted Mapping of JDF to PJT (6 April 2014)

[SM3] Posted Mapping of JDF to PJT (6 April 2014)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 20:28:42 UTC 2014


I have just posted the first stand-alone draft of the Mapping of


This document will be shared with CIP4 for their meeting this week.

- Ira

Change History

11.1 6 April 2014
* April 2014 - second draft in SM WG
- Kept status as Interim Draft, consistent with previous reviews of JDF
mapping content.
- Converted spec to current PWG document template (copying each body
section as plaintext to avoid format errors).
- Corrected copyright dates and headers/footers.
- Rewrote Abstract and section 1 to clarify single-mapping scope (JDF to
- Added sections 2.1 to 2.4 on conformance, printer, and other terminology
and acronyms.
- Completely rewrote sections 3.1 to 3.4 on rationale, use cases,
out-of-scope, and design requirements for consistency with other recent PWG
- Added section 5 on conformance requirements.
- Added sections 6 to 8 on internationalization, security, and IANA
- Added or updated references in section 9.

11.2 5 October 2011 to 24 October 2013
* October 2013 - first draft in SM WG (w/ Adobe PPD and MSPS mappings
included) by Paul Tykodi, with additions to especially MSPS mapping.

* Five previous drafts - in Cloud WG and MFD WG.
- Initial content from Mike Sweet, Justin Hutchings, Paul Tykodi, and Ira
- Partial mapping from JDF to PJT from Ira McDonald.

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