SM> FW: New Draft-05 of langtags (aka RFC 3066bis)

SM> FW: New Draft-05 of langtags (aka RFC 3066bis)

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at
Mon Aug 9 22:35:14 EDT 2004

Hi Pete,

Below is the link to the new update to RFC 3066bis
(language tags).

- Ira

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Subject: New Draft-05 of langtags (aka RFC 3066bis)

Dear List Members:

The newest draft (05) of draft-phillips-langtags, aka RFC 3066bis, was
published today here:

There is an easier to read HTML version here:

This document's changes section details the specific alterations in this
version of the document. There are not that many substantive changes in this
version. The majority of the changes are related to specific comments we
received during the last two rounds of review. Also substantial work on the
prototype registry between Doug Ewell and the authors (Mark and I) has
resulted in a few tweaks to the examples and some rewriting in sections 3.1
and 3.2 (whose order has been swapped). Please review the changes section
for specifics.

We feel that this draft addresses all of the comments on this list from
prior drafts (within the goals we set--which we enumerate now in the changes
section). Absent the question of whether there should be a subtag registry
at all, we feel that this document is very near its final form. Of course we
welcome comments from the community, including vigorous debate where it is
necessary, but sincerely hope that we can move forward with this draft with
a new Last Call very soon.

Best Regards,

Addison Phillips and Mark Davis

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