SM> PWG Schema location error

SM> PWG Schema location error

SM> PWG Schema location error

Zehler, Peter PZehler at
Thu Jun 3 14:31:17 EDT 2004


This issue was raised at the SM face to face.  It was observed that the PWG
Semantic Model Schema modules all use include to tie the schema together.
However we do not want the PWG server being hit with http gets of the schema
during the software development phase and certainly not during deployment.  

I've never noticed it because I keep a local copy of the entire schema.  I
added the absolute URL to the schemaLocation attribute of the include
element prior to posting the official versions.  

The proposal is to replace the absolute URL with a relative URL for every
include element in the schema.  I will bumps the minor version number of the
schema and also add a note to the PWG web site clarifying that a local copy
must be used for product development and deployment.

Please send out a note to the mailing list if you have any objections to
this change.


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