SM> IPPFAX Security issue

SM> IPPFAX Security issue

SM> IPPFAX Security issue

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at
Wed Jan 28 17:57:36 EST 2004


This topic came up during today's ongoing review of the
IPPFAX Protocol spec.  It affects implementing IPPFAX/1.0
along with any other protocol on the same device or server.

Given the basic network security principal:

"The actual security level of a given service instance
depends on the _least_ secure protocol interface of
_any_ service on the same host system."

I propose that the IPPFAX/1.0 Protocol spec should say:

"A host system with an enabled IPPFAX/1.0 Receiver (as 
defined in this document) MUST NOT enable any other 
protocol configured with less security than IPPFAX/1.0 
(i.e., less secure than TLS/1.0 [RFC2246] with required 
server authentication and optional client authentication).  

Note:  Equivalent security to IPPFAX/1.0 can be achieved 
by the object security defined in S/MIME [RFC2633], or
by the stream security defined in Secure Shell Protocol
[draft-ietf-secsh-architecture-15.txt - in IESG queue], 
or by many other strong security mechanisms.  But such
protocols as SNMPv1 [RFC1157] or IPP/1.1 without TLS/1.0
MUST NOT be enabled on a host system with a currently 
enabled IPPFAX/1.0 Receiver."


- Ira

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
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