SM> Schema errors fixed and SM web page updated

SM> Schema errors fixed and SM web page updated

SM> Schema errors fixed and SM web page updated

Zehler, Peter PZehler at
Fri Jul 2 08:38:46 EDT 2004


Since I received no objections to the proposed fixes to the Semantic Model
Schema I have made the changes and updated the PWG web site.  The changes

1)  Replaced the Server element definition in PwgSemanticModel.xsd with one
containing an extension point

2)  Replaced the PDLOverrideSupported element definition  in
PrinterDescription.xsd to make it single valued

3)  Replaced the Version element definition in PwgCommon.xsd so the pattern
facet will permit any major.minor version

4)  Replaced the absolute URL with a relative URL for every include element
in the schema (MasterListOfPwgSemanticElements.xsd, MediaElements.xsd,
PwgCommon.xsd, PwgSemanticModel.xsd, PwgObjects.xsd)

5)  Added a note to the SM web page clarifying that a local copy must be
used for product development and deployment

6)  Bumped the version numbers of the affected schema files

To Do: I still have to fix the language pattern definitions throughout the
schema.  A proposal of the fix will be sent out prior to the change.

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