PWG> New IETF IPR policy for I-Ds

PWG> New IETF IPR policy for I-Ds

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Fri Jul 9 18:01:21 EDT 2004

I wonder if the "I" is limited to the submitter, and/or the author,
and/or the contributors.


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Hi folks,

Here's an excerpt from a note from Tony Hammond on the IETF URI Review
mailing list.  Kind of chilling stuff is suddenly required to publish
_any_ Internet-Draft.  Serious IPR conflicts, I think.

Tony Hammond wrote:

	According to the new procedure your I-D has to included some
statements. Please check the
	for more details.

The message was only posted out to ietf-announce at on June 17.

For example, _all_ I-Ds now need to start off with this statement on IPR
(bit odd because only the first person form seems to be allowed)

   By submitting this Internet-Draft, I certify that any applicable
   patent or other IPR claims of which I am aware have been disclosed,
   and any of which I become aware will be disclosed, in accordance with
   RFC 3668.

Food for thought...

- Ira

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