PWG> Re: TFM Svc as strict subset of PSI/1.0

PWG> Re: TFM Svc as strict subset of PSI/1.0

Harry Lewis harryl at
Wed Jun 2 23:53:07 EDT 2004

Ira, first, thanks for sketching the proposal.

I see pro's and con's to leveraging this much of the existing semantic 

1. The document object is directly applicable
2. The CreateJob, ValidateJob etc. operations are general enough that it 
seems appropriate to leverage them rather than define new (similar) ops 

1. I REALLY wish PSI had used "target" in place of "targetDevice" 
2. Where do we describe the transform specific attributes such as 
HoldUntil, KillAfter?
  - Are you suggesting we extend IPP Job Template Attributes?
  - But what if we run into some very transform specific attributes (ex. 
OCR level)?
3. How does an application discover and/or distinguish between a Transform 
Service and a Print Service?
Harry Lewis 
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"McDonald, Ira" <imcdonald at> 
05/31/2004 02:48 PM

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Harry Lewis/Boulder/IBM at IBMUS
TFM Svc as strict subset of PSI/1.0

Hi folks,                                           Monday (31 May 2004)

PSI/1.0 _already_ supports very precise document transforms, via the
'requestedTargetDeviceDataType :  DocumentFormatDetails' parameter
of the CreateJob method.  This is the _same_ functionality incorporated
into the latest JDF/1.2 spec.  A PSI client uses FetchDocumentDataByPull
or FetchDocumentDataByValue later to retrieve the transformed output.

Thus, here's a proposal to define a PWG Transform Service (TFM) as a
strict _subset_ of PSI/1.0 without Target Devices (and without _any_ new
features or Job/Document elements).  The proposal is summarized by the
commented table of contents from the latest PSI/1.0 draft.

Rationale for proposal, from section 5.5.2 CreateJob of PSI/1.0 spec:

"targetDeviceIdentifier : URI

A URI that defines the Target Device that is to be associated with a
Job.  See definition in section 7.2.


If the client specifies the Print Service's Service Root URL as the
targetDeviceIdentifier, then the Print Service is considered the final
destination, and the Print Service can perform all job processing.  For
example, document transformation."

and later in section 5.5.2:

"requestedTargetDeviceDataType : DocumentFormatDetails

If this parameter is specified, then the Print Service shall transform
the source Document into the data type requested.  If the specified
Target Device does not support the requestedTargetDeviceDataType, the
Print Service shall throw a ProcessingRequestUnsupported exception."


- Ira

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
PO Box 221  Grand Marais, MI  49839
phone: +1-906-494-2434
email: imcdonald at

[Transform Service (TFM) subset of PSI/1.0 - per TOC of PSI/1.0]

5 Interface Definition

5.1 PSI Service Root URL
5.2 Negotiating a secure PSI connection

5.3 QueryEndPointsInterface
5.3.1 Interface Usage Examples
5.3.2 QuerySupportedInterfaces
5.3.3 QueryInterfaceDefinition

5.4 ServiceCapabilitiesInterface
5.4.1 Interface Usage Examples
5.4.2 GetTargetDeviceElements -- needed to query TFM Service elements
** delete ** 5.4.3 GetKnownTargetDevices -- TFM Service is only endpoint
5.4.4 ValidateReference

5.5 JobControlInterface
5.5.1 Interface Usage Examples
5.5.2 CreateJob
5.5.3 CloseJob
5.5.4 AddDocumentByReference
5.5.5 AddDocumentByPush
5.5.6 PushDocumentDataDelivered
5.5.7 AddDocumentByValue
5.5.8 GetJobs
5.5.9 GetJobElements
** delete ** 5.5.10 SetJobElements -- passive Jobs only
5.5.11 CancelJob
5.5.12 GetDocuments
5.5.13 GetDocumentElements
** delete ** 5.5.14 SetDocumentElements -- passive Documents only
5.5.15 CancelDocument
5.5.16 FetchDocumentDataByPull -- needed for client to retrieve output
5.5.17 PullDocumentDataFetched -- needed for client to retrieve output
5.5.18 FetchDocumentDataByValue -- needed for client to retrieve output
** delete ** 5.5.19 FetchJobs -- no Target Device support


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