PWG> Updated PWG Process comment

PWG> Updated PWG Process comment

thrasher at thrasher at
Wed Apr 14 10:10:56 EDT 2004

I have a suggestion for modifying the "Maturity Level" (section 4.5.1) of
the current process document.

As I have been starting to update the older approved PWG documents I
noticed that the Maturity Level
is currently not supposed to be included on a Candidate Standard or
Standard.....although on some
of the recently approved documents it is.....

I'm looking for a way to indicate that PWG 5100.4-2001 is obsolete (other
than a background watermark...).
when I update the links and front matter.


Change the "Maturity Level" to "Status"...and add "Approved" and "Obsolete"
or "Obsoleted by...." as kewords to be used
on Candidate Standards and Standards.

So the "Status" of a Working Draft or other PWG documents  would be
Initial, Interim, Prototype, and Stable.
The "Status" of a Candidate Standard/Standard/other approvable documents
would be Approved, or Obsolete....

Here's a copy of this applied to the update of well as
the updated cover matter."


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