PWG> Updated PWG Process Document

PWG> Updated PWG Process Document

Harry Lewis harryl at
Wed Apr 7 00:59:53 EDT 2004

Here is an update. I tried to capture all the changes we spoke of 
recently. I have not edited the reference document that describes the 
directory structure, file relationships etc. That is the bear we've been 
wrestling with... so the job is not done. But I hope the base process doc 
can be finalized now, or very soon. I can't say I like the document. I 
think we've patched it to much and the result is too wordy. I wold prefer 
to re-write from scratch (except IP section) in very terse and succinct 
fashion... but I hardly found time to do these patches... so that will 
have to wait until I retire from my real job. 

Some section number internal links are hosed. Maybe some guru can help 
with that on final revision. I also need to plug back in the (landscape) 
process diagram but doing so was like playing "whack-a-mole" because it 
caused document anomalies which I would suppress in one place only to find 
them shift to another location in the document. Again, I'll probably need 
help if I'm to preserve what small amount of hair I have left. 

I took liberty with prototyping. We had MUST but decided SHOULD (to avoid 
defining prototyping) but were uncomfortable because we really do want to 
insist on some prototyping... so I took a shot... read and comment.

I did not plug in the "tools chain" requirement. Why? I'd like to FINISH! 
We've made so many process changes that effect voting, naming etc that 
we've crated a LOT of confusion among wg's. Tool chain will be NICE to get 
in at some later revision but we really NEED a stable process right now!

I don't expect this is the FINAL version.. but hope it is close. Please 
review in prep for Thursday meeting if possible. I KNOW! THAT (short 
notice) breaks the process!

Oh, yea... I tried to update boiler-plate too... based on recent comments 
from ISTO.
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems
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