PWG> New Category of 'Informational' for IPPFAX

PWG> New Category of 'Informational' for IPPFAX

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at
Wed Mar 24 18:34:15 EST 2004


The IPPFAX team is now working on a final version of
the IPPFAX/1.0 Protocol spec.  But this document will
NOT be submitted for 'last call' or subsequent Formal
Vote, because the necessary evidence of prototyping 
isn't available.

So, our problem is that the completed technical spec
goes 'on the shelf' in a hidden location in working
draft for eternity.  If someone WANTED to prototype,
there is no labelling at all (in the Web or FTP
interfaces) that the document is 'finished'.

I suggested to the IPPFAX team today that we add a
new top level directory 'pub/pwg/informational/',
that contains documents which HAVE gone through
a 'last call' (and resolved all issues) but have
NOT had a Formal Vote, with filenames such as:


And cover page boilerplate that does NOT use the
word Standard, but says for example:

'PWG Informational IPPFAX/1.0 Protocol - 1st Edition'

And have an Abstract with informational boilerplate.


- Ira

PS - It's conceivable that this could be a method
for publishing the (already completed) PSI/1.0 
spec, which may or may not ever be adopted in
some future Formal Vote.

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
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