PWG> ISSUE: Sending a mail message to multiple DLs on the PWG server

PWG> ISSUE: Sending a mail message to multiple DLs on the PWG server

PWG> ISSUE: Sending a mail message to multiple DLs on the PWG server

Harry Lewis harryl at
Wed Apr 18 16:58:19 EDT 2001

Can't it be simple?

If the topic pertains to one DL... copy only that DL.

If the topic pertains primarily to one DL but may also pertain to multiple 
DLs... send to the primary DL and, in addition, to

If the topic pertains to multiple DLs with no particular primary... just 
send to
Harry Lewis 
IBM Printing Systems 

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Maybe we can discuss sending mail to multiple DLs at the PWG meeting of 
to do when a message affect multiple PWG standards activities.  Is the PWG
DL sufficiently broad to cover a number of DLs?  For example, how many of
the IPP members are also PWG members?  How many PMP members are also PWG
members?  How many UPD members are also PWG members? 

Or we could send one message to PWG Announce, with an indication of which 
to carry on replies.  But this would be too broad, since PWG Announce gets
to all PWG DLs.


I used to get a separate copy of each message for each DL with the
appropriate XXX> prefix on the subject line.  Recently, I'm only getting 
XXX> prefix but still a copy to each DL.  Did you change something on the
PWG server?

I use Outlook, so I set up filters to filter into separate folders for 
DL, so I don't mind getting duplicates.  However, for those who read all
their incoming mail as a single thread, it would be a pain to get
duplicates, especially now that the XXX> prefix on the subject line is 
at only of the DLs for all copies.


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Please resist the urge to copy multiple mailing lists.  Pick the most
appropriate one and be done with it.

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Subject:  IPP> RE: PWG> Question about Localization


You should look at RFC 2569, entitled: "Mapping between LPD and IPP
Protocols".  IPP (RFC 2911) has a lot of character set and localization
semantics in it, so those semantics may help in understanding how they 
apply to LPD using the mapping semantics.  (I have not studied RFC 259 
this perspective).  I suspect that RFC 1179 which attempted to document 
practice didn't go into such areas.

There is also RFC 2708 "Job Submission Protocol Mapping Recommendations 
the Job Monitoring MIB" that deals with mapping job attributes of PServer
and RPrinter to the PWG Job Monitoring MIB (RFC 2707), that might also 
The PWG Job Monitoring MIB had localization and character set support in 

If you find that these documents are insufficient to answer your 
please post the questions again to these lists, since such documents 
include character and localization considerations.


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Subject: PWG> Question about Localization


     I had some questions with regards to localization
     specifically for PServer, RPrinter and LPD.

     The questions are as follows:
          Character set/encoding supported?
          Character set identification?
          Character set negotiation?
          Character Transformation encoding?

     Specifically in regards to:
          Path name,
          User name,
          Domain name,
          Host name,
          Queue name,
          Printer name,
          Print server name,
          Repository name

     Does anyone know of any RFC's or other documents that
     I can get access to that would help me resolve these

     Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Best Regards,
Ray Casterline
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