PWG> PWG media size name mini-project

PWG> PWG media size name mini-project

PWG> PWG media size name mini-project

Hastings, Tom N hastings at
Wed Jan 17 12:57:06 EST 2001

To: Ron and others interested in the PWG mini-project to compile an open
list of standard media size names for use in IPP "media" attribute, UPnP,
Bluetooth, Printer MIB, IPP FAX, Internet FAX, etc.

At the December UPnP Imaging WG meeting, the they requested that the PWG
compile a list of standard media size names, rather than inventing its own
set for UPnP.  Other protocols have the same requirements and slightly
different sets of lists.  Having a single set of media size names will help
a lot.  There may need to be alias names for a few sizes where there are
different names for the same media size.

At the December PWG meeting, Ron Bergman volunteered to start making a list.
Mike Shepherd from Xerox is willing to work with Ron on this.

Please take a look at the compilation that Jim Lo from Sun compiled (see
attached email fragment) and sent to the IPP and UPD DLs in November.  He
researched the IPP, GPD, and PPD (and others) for media size names and
compiled a list that he sorted by size name, by size, and by source.   I've
converted his .html to LANDSCAPE .doc and .pdf so that it prints without
truncation.  I've copied it to a new sub-directory: new_MEDIA (which we can
use for the media object in the future as well).  I've also copied two RFCs
that have media sizes for Internet FAX (see email attached from Lloyd


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From: Jim Lo [mailto:Jim.Lo at]
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 12:37
To: upd at; ipp at
Subject: IPP> Re: UPD> registered parameters


Just in case it may be of any help, attached please find the collection of
all predefined paper sizes 
from many standards (number of entries -- all:175 / IPP:73 / GPD:117 /

Best regards


Table of Content

  A. PaperSizes (all/GPD/PPD/IPP/TIPSI/ISO/JIS) Sorted By Name/Size
  B. Feature/Option Display Names For en_US Locale


  A. PaperSizes (all/GPD/PPD/IPP/TIPSI/ISO/JIS) Sorted By Name/Size

     1. All PaperSizes (Sorted By Name)
     2. All PaperSizes (Sorted By Size)
     3. IPP PaperSizes (Sorted By Size)
     4. PPD PaperSizes (Sorted By Size)
     5. GPD PaperSizes (Sorted By Size)
 //The table contains the option keywords currently registered for all
(version 1.0) PaperSize feature,
 //which designates a given physical paper size on a printing device. Most
of those predefined options
 //are from the following standards:
 //  IPP:       Internet Printing Protocol (PWG)
 //  ISO:       International Standard Organization
 //  JIS:       Japanese Industry Standard
 //  TIPSI:     Transport Independent Print System Interface (Lexmark)
 //  PPD:       PostScript Printer Description format (Adobe)
 //  GPD:       Generic Printer Description format (Microsoft)

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From: McIntyre, Lloyd 
Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2000 17:41
To: Hastings, Tom N; McIntyre, Lloyd; Hastings, Tom N
Cc: McDonald, Ira; Herriot, Robert; Buckley, Robert R
Subject: RE: IANA registry of media size names [where's the beef?]

The beef [media size names for Internet FAX] is in the two RFC references,
RFC 2534 (Section 2: Media Feature Registrations) and 2879 (Appendix A:
Feature registrations). This list no where as exhaustive as that you have
provided. It is, however, open for expansion.


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