[PWG-Announce] PWG Formal Vote: PWG Process 4.0 [Ends August 4, 2023]

[PWG-Announce] PWG Formal Vote: PWG Process 4.0 [Ends August 4, 2023]

Jeremy L Leber jeremy.leber at lexmark.com
Wed Jul 12 00:53:29 UTC 2023


VOTES ARE CONFIDENTIAL! See voting instructions below.

This email initiates the PWG Formal Approval vote by the PWG membership to approve the below revision of the PWG Process 4.0 document as a new PWG Process document defining the procedures and organization of the PWG:


The complete list of PWG Last Call issues and resolutions is located here:



This Formal Vote starts today, July 11, 2023 and ends at 10pm (US Pacific Time) on August 4, 2023. Valid votes are: Yes, No, No (with Strong Objection), or Abstain.

Representatives from PWG member companies are STRONGLY encouraged to exercise their right to vote.

PWG Privacy Policy: Your vote is confidential and will not be disclosed by PWG officers or document editors.


Send an email with *exactly* the following subject line format:

        PWG Process 4.0 Formal Vote-<company name>-<voter's last name>-<Yes/No/Abstain>

For example:

        PWG Process 4.0 Formal Vote-Acme-McGee-Yes


1. Any "No" vote MUST state the reason for the "No" vote and MUST contain a description of the *technical* changes required to turn the "No" vote into a "Yes" vote - otherwise the "No" vote will NOT be counted, per PWG Process/3.0.

2. Any "No" vote MUST NOT contain *editorial* comments, per PWG Process/3.0.

3. Any "Yes" vote MAY contain "editorial" comments, per PWG Process/3.0.

4. Any "Yes" vote MUST NOT contain any *technical* comments, per PWG Process/3.0.

5. Any "Abstain" vote counts toward quorum, but not approval.


Please send your vote to *all* of the following email addresses:

jeremy.leber at lexmark.com (Jeremy Leber, PWG Chair)
smith.kennedy at hp.com (Smith Kennedy, PWG Vice Chair, PWG Process 4.0 editor)
blueroofmusic at gmail.com (Ira McDonald, PWG Secretary)

Please do NOT simply reply to this note on the PWG-Announce list (to preserve the confidentiality of your vote).


1. This Formal Vote is being conducted under the rules of the PWG Process/3.0 and the current PWG Policy on Intellectual Property and Confidentiality agreement. The PWG Membership Agreement calls out both of these documents and the links are provided below.

2. To be eligible to vote the member MUST have submitted a signed copy of the PWG Membership Agreement and paid their dues for 2023.

3. The PWG Definition of the Standards Development Process Version 3.0 is located at:


4. The PWG Policy on Intellectual Property and Confidentiality is located at:


Jeremy Leber
Chair, IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group

O  +1 859 825-4505
jeremy.leber at lexmark.com<mailto:jeremy.leber at lexmark.com>
chair at pwg.org<mailto:jeremy.leber at lexmark.com>

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