[PWG-Announce] PWG Approved: IPP Driver Replacement Extensions v2.0 (NODRIVER)

[PWG-Announce] PWG Approved: IPP Driver Replacement Extensions v2.0 (NODRIVER)

Michael Sweet msweet at msweet.org
Tue Mar 7 20:00:57 UTC 2023


Candidate Standard 5100.13-2023: IPP Driver Replacement Extensions v2.0 (NODRIVER) has been approved. This specification defines new attributes, values, and operations to support features, capabilities, localization, and status information that traditionally could only be provided by vendor- or model-specific drivers.

This specification was previously titled "IPP Job and Printer Extensions - Set 3 (JPS3)".

This and other PWG Candidate Standards can be found on the “PWG Published Standards” page at:


It is directly available at the following URLs:

	https://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/candidates/cs-ippnodriver20-20230301-5100.13.docx <https://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/candidates/cs-ippnodriver20-20230301-5100.13.docx>

Michael Sweet

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