[Pwg-Announce] Internet Draft proposal: "Dial String syntax for the "tel" URI Scheme" posted

[Pwg-Announce] Internet Draft proposal: "Dial String syntax for the "tel" URI Scheme" posted

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Sun Apr 18 12:58:31 UTC 2010



During some internal prototyping of a FaxOut service an issue was
discovered.  RFC3966 that specifies the "tel:" URI scheme has a
significant shortcoming.  The RFC it replaced (RFC2806) that covered the
concept know as Dial Strings.  Dial Strings are the actual numbers,
symbols, and pauses entered by a user to place a phone call. Also
specified in RFC2806 was the use of T.33 SubAddressing in a telephone or
fax URI.  


RFC3966 explicitly excludes Dial Strings in the specification leaving it
for a separate undefined document to cover.  To the best of my knowledge
no such document exists.  My Internet Draft proposal is for an
informational RFC to specify the Dial String parameters we require in an
RFC3966 compliant encoding.  Please take a look at the short draft (7
pages including all the boiler plate text)  and send any comments.  This
specification will be reviewed in this week's MFD phone conference.  


The draft is available at:






Peter Zehler

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