[Pwg-Announce] PWG last call - Command Set Format - IEEE1284 Device ID -25 Feb 2010

[Pwg-Announce] PWG last call - Command Set Format - IEEE1284 Device ID -25 Feb 2010

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon Jan 25 23:10:34 UTC 2010

This is the formal announcement of PWG Last Call for the PWG Command Set
Format for IEEE 1284 Device ID 1.0 specification, prior to balloting for
advancement to PWG Candidate Standard.  The current draft is at


This "Stable" draft has been extensively reviewed and represents consensus
of the WIMS/PMP Working Group. Notice from Dell of implementation, received
in January, satisfies the prototyping requirement. The workgroup has
selected a 30-day last call period, ending on 25 February 2010 and
overlapping the February Plenary.  It is intended that comments relative to
this last call  be addressed during the WIMS/PMP face-to-face meeting  being
held in conjunction with the plenary, although all comments received any
time during the last call period will be addressed after  the last call
period is ended, according to the documented PWG process.


Because the IEEE1284 Device ID is used in many places  and in  more current
contexts than the 1284 interface, this document will have a effect on
virtually all printer products. It is strongly recommended that all parties
making printers or interfacing software review this document.  Note that,
according to the PWG process:


Last Call represents a final opportunity for issues to be raised against a
document. During this period all PWG members are encouraged to review the
final working draft for both technical and editorial content and to provide
comments to the Working Group.


Although acknowledged review by at least 30% of the PWG membership is
necessary, comments are accepted from all interested parties, whether or not
they are PWG members.

Please send comments to the WIMS WG reflector <wims at pwg.org> and PMP
reflector <pmp at pwg.org>.


Thank you,


Bill Wagner, Chairman WIMS/PMP WG


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