[Pwg-Announce] PWG Meeting -- Aug 2010 Denmark -- Survey

[Pwg-Announce] PWG Meeting -- Aug 2010 Denmark -- Survey

Farrell, Lee Lee.Farrell at cda.canon.com
Thu Oct 8 19:00:41 UTC 2009

Hello PWG Members,

We have planned six face-to-face meetings in 2010, for which we have received three offers to host:

February 2-4     (Host TBD)
April 6-8        (Host TBD)
June 8-10        (Xerox, Rochester, NY)
August 10-12     (MPI Tech, Bagsværd, Denmark)
 (week of 18-22) (Lexmark, Lexington, KY)
December 7-9     (Host TBD)

The purpose of this e-mail is to obtain an early indication of possible attendees to the August meeting, if hosted in Denmark.

Because the PWG encourages world-wide membership and participation, it has been our practice to facilitate meetings outside of the continental USA at least once a year, if possible.  Having all our meetings in the US tends to put an unfair burden on non-US member companies -- especially with regard to travel costs.

In light of MPI Tech's offer to host in August, the PWG should consider the opportunity of "spreading the savings" to all our members willing to host meetings.

However, I realize that we cannot ignore the current financial situation facing all the member companies. 

To help solidify our plans for the August meeting next year, I would like to ask anyone that is currently in a position to know whether they believe they COULD or COULD NOT attend a meeting in Denmark.  I realize that for many, the answer today is likely unknown, and dependent on future events.

But for those of you that do know -- one way or the other -- it would help the planning efforts to get an early sense of the possiblity.

Would you all please respond to the following question with your current "best guess" as to your level of likelihood of attending a meeting in Denmark in August:
 - Definitely able to go
 - Likely able to go
 - As of today, it is possible to go
 - Not likely able to go
 - Definitely not able to go

Responses can be logged at the following survey site:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=q2v9XcXMx9dmJ0aRfwqIjA_3d_3d

Thank you,

Lee Farrell
PWG Chair
Canon Development Americas
15975 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92618-3731
(949) 932-3163 - voice
(949) 932-3520 - fax
lee.farrell at cda.canon.com

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