PWG-ANNOUNCE> RE: Survey on Imaging Power Management Project

PWG-ANNOUNCE> RE: Survey on Imaging Power Management Project

William Wagner wamwagner at
Sun Apr 19 23:21:45 EDT 2009

The intention is to consider the results of the survey of interest for a
standard for Imaging Power Management at the PWF Face-to-Face, which is next
week. So far, all of the relatively few responses have shown interest that
such a project proceed, but no interest in contributing to it other  than
reviewing the spec.  Very few of the PWG members have responded. I again ask
you to take the should take no more than a couple minutes. 


If there is sufficient interest but no contributors, I may write it myself
(and many of you may not be happy with what I come up with!)


Attempt at levity aside, this is an important issue, and we really need your




Bill Wagner



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There has been some interest in developing a standard set of elements for
the power management of imaging equipment. Power management in this context
assumes that imaging equipment has multiple power consumption states such as
hibernate, sleep, standby, idle, and active, with higher power states
usually corresponding to less time to come up to full speed or perhaps
faster processing.  The power management elements may provide for remotely
reading and perhaps setting power states, setting policy for transitioning
power states, selecting default power states according to the
time-of-day/day-of-week, and/or other parameters.

At a BoF (Birds of a Feather) meeting during the February Printer Working
Group (PWG) face-to-face, we discussed a project to identify a set of
management elements for the monitoring/management  of hardcopy imaging
devices. Neither the number and nature of these elements nor the protocols
by which these elements might be accessible were addressed. However, it was
agreed that, before any such project were started, there would need to be
significance evidence of interest  and participation on the part of
equipment suppliers, management application developers and ultimate users.


At the behest of the PWG Steering Committee, a web-accessible questionnaire
has been put up at


get some measure of interest. Notice of this survey is being sent to the PWG
Announce list as well as certain imaging equipment user groups. We would
appreciate it if you could spend a few minutes filling out and submitting
this questionnaire. Also, please pass on the link to others in the field
with an interest in this subject.


Although it is not absolutely necessary unless you are representing your
company, it would be helpful if you identified yourself on the survey form.
The survey responses will be available only to the PWG steering Committee;
your identity and specific  responses will be not be made public. Obviously,
nothing  expressed in a survey response will be considered a commitment.
However, the PWG will carefully consider the responses from each group to
determine whether to proceed with this project; and if we do proceed, the
responses and their origin will form a basis for the project scope.


Thank you for your interest and input.


Bill Wagner, CoChair, Workgroup for Imaging Management Solutions/PWG


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