PWG-ANNOUNCE> FW: New FAQ on IETF Copyright Trust

PWG-ANNOUNCE> FW: New FAQ on IETF Copyright Trust

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at
Mon Mar 23 11:25:26 EDT 2009

Hi -

The document itself is at
and well worth the twenty minutes or so it takes to read it.


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> Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: New FAQ on IETF Copyright Policy available (FYI)
> FYI, a well-written new FAQ has just been posted to the IETF Trust website.
> The title of the FAQ is:
> *
>    IETF Trust *Copyright Policy and Trust Legal Provisions (TLP)
> This FAQ was created in response to some uncertainty within the community
> about the RFCs, BCPs, and Trust policies that govern copyrights in IETF (and
> other) documents.
> The FAQ was prepared by Jorge Contreras (IETF Trust Legal Counsel), at the
> request of Ray Pelletier (IAD) and the IETF Trustees.
> I believe the FAQ is informative, relevant and well worth the 10 minutes it
> takes to read it.  I encourage you to review it. The FAQ is available at:
> Regards,
> Ed Juskevicius
> IETF Trust Chair
> edj.etc at

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