PWG-ANNOUNCE> 19 Jan 11 AM EST WIMS - Power Managment i$BoF Ideas

PWG-ANNOUNCE> 19 Jan 11 AM EST WIMS - Power Managment i$BoF Ideas

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There will be a WIMS (Imaging System Management) telecom at 11 AM EST on Monday 19 January.


Agenda is:


1. Statement that Meeting is held in accord with PWG IP Policy


2. Identify Minute-taker


3. Accept Minutes of 5 January .


4.   WG Last Call Comments on Charter draft


5. Approach to Power Management Elements - prep for BoF in Feb- 

a. Sample Considerations

1. For MFDs or just printers?

2. How many power states?

3. What to name them? (e.g., Active, Idle, Standby, Sleep, Hibernate, Off)

4. Report current state?

5. Allow set to state?

6. Allow setting of policy?  (e.g., revert to from Idle to Standby state if no active jobs for 30 min)

7. Allow setting to ToD clock (e.g., go to hibernate if no current activity at 6 PM; or shorten timeouts to go to lower power state at off hours)

8. What to do with network, phone line access in lower power states?

b. What is needed for compatibility with:

            1. CIM

            2. Microsoft Requirements/Preferences/Capabilities (search on Power presentations at

            3. State, National, International, Corporate and Association standards (e.g.,  ;Energy Star, 

Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI); ECMA)

            4. Reasonable addressing of Green Goals 

5. Existing manufacturer practices

c. assign action items to get good considerations of options; since attendance will include many interested off-site participants, good slides are important 


6. As time allows: Project Status Update 

      a. CIM Provider Prototype - Rick

      b. Print Services MOF - Ira




Bill Wagner

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