PWG-ANNOUNCE> FW: Face to face meeting at Symon March 20th-21st

PWG-ANNOUNCE> FW: Face to face meeting at Symon March 20th-21st

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Mon Feb 26 18:11:30 EST 2007

Information about the Projector & Display Management Working Group
face-to-face meeting to be held March 20-21.  (Agenda to be published.)



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Subject: Face to face meeting at Symon March 20th-21st

I'm looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone on the 20th.  We have
a corporate rate at the hotel below of $89.00+tax per night.  We
typically book the hotel for a group at the same time, but I don't know
if this is actually required.  Anyone wanting to use this hotel can
provide us with their arrival and departure dates and Symon will make
the reservations and provide confirmation numbers.

Holiday Inn Select

1655 N. Central Expressway (Us 75)

Richardson, TX, 75080


If you have any questions about the hotel you can call me or
(972)578-8484 and ask for Pat Moreno.

Rich, if I left anybody off of the mailing list please let me know.

Raymond Rogers


Symon Communications, Inc.
500 North Central Expressway
Suite 175
Plano, TX 75074

(972)422-1680 fax 

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