PWG-ANNOUNCE> Slides for WIMS/CIM Face to face on Feb 19

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Slides for WIMS/CIM Face to face on Feb 19

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Sat Feb 17 15:48:34 EST 2007


The face-to-face WIMS/CIM meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 19, from 8:00AM to 10:00AM HST  (1:00 PM to 3:PM EST). We invite anyone interested in these Web Services oriented, imaging device/service management projects to join in. Dial-in data is:

  Toll Free from USA #: 1-866-365-4406
  Toll #: 1-303-248-9655
  Passcode: 2635888#

I will chair the meeting remotely, with the agenda below:
lIntroduction (15 Min) 
lCounter Spec Issues (20 Min) 
–     Background 
–     Proposed Modification
CIM Realignment-Summary (5 Min) 
CIM Realignment – Progress Details (80 Min)
–  The CIM discussions will be led by Rick Landau, Dell with significant contributions by  Ira McDonald, High North.

The general slides for the meeting are posted at:

Ricks slides for the CIM discussion are posted at:

Both slide sets have links to documents, and I suggest that participants pull up these documents prior to the meeting.

Hope to converse on Monday.


Bill Wagner, Chairman, WIMS WG

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